Visualizing Palestine's work is possible because of a community of members committed to building a rights-based narrative.

We invite you to join us as a Member to grow closer to our work and community. Your recurring (monthly or yearly), automated contribution enables us to plan for the future.

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Membership FAQ

  • 01. Who is a VP Member?
  • 02. Why does VP have a Membership?
  • 03. How does VI communicate with Members?
  • 04. Can I become a Member through a one-time contribution?

VP Members are people who share our belief that data and creative communication have a role in the movement for Palestinian human rights, especially in highlighting the root causes of injustice. Members make a recurring, automated monthly or annual contribution of US $1 or more to VP, vouching a commitment to the work and contributing to scaling its impact.

We started this Membership because we believe that VP should live as an expression of the will of Palestinians and those who stand with them in the struggle for human rights. Your engagement is critical to the success of this work. If you are not able to join as Member, there are multiple ways to get involved, such as downloading visuals to share with your community or volunteering with us.

Because our Membership is geographically diverse, we primarily communicate with Members by email newsletters. We also make an effort to host gatherings in cities with 20 or more Members.

VP Members make a recurring (monthly or annual) commitment. Your ongoing partnership allows VP to plan for the future and focus on making an impact. That said, if you are not ready to become a VP Member right now, we gratefully welcome your one-time contribution outside of the Membership program.

  • 01. What are the benefits of Membership?

Our commitment to VP Members is to create open, impactful, data-led tools for Palestinian human rights. We share regular email updates specifically with our Members and initiate local gatherings of Members in cities like New York, Amman, Dubai, and Toronto. You’ll also have access to our mid year and end year internal reports.

  • 01. What will you do with Membership funds?
  • 02. What steps do you take to ensure transparency?

Your Membership contribution is directed to VP’s core work of creating data-led visual stories for Palestinian human rights. Our goal is for VP’s work to eventually be 100% secured by our own grassroots community of VP Members.

Our accounts are audited yearly. We also produce cyclical reports that are available to our VP Members.

  • 01. Is my contribution tax deductible?
  • 02. What are the payment options?
  • 03. What appears on my credit card?
  • 04. How secure is my name and membership?
  • 05. What is Visualizing Impact’s legal status?
  • 06. What is the relationship between Visualizing Impact and Visualizing Palestine?
  • 07. What if I want to discontinue my Membership or update my card details?
  • 08. Why don't you use Paypal?

If you are a US taxpayer, your contribution is tax deductible. We are not able to provide tax receipts to contributors from other countries at this time. For US taxpayers, you must click on "I need a US tax receipt" in the payment form to ensure your contribution is directed to our US-registered entity.

We use Stripe for secure Membership transactions via your credit card.

Our legal name, Visualizing Impact, will appear on your credit card statement.

Your information is stored in our internal database and copied to our CRM software (Bloomerang - privacy policy). We do not share your name or any other personally identifying information publicly without your consent (VI - privacy policy). Your name and Membership history is only visible to our internal team.

Visualizing Impact is a registered non-profit in Canada and operates as a 501(c)(3) in the US via a fiscal sponsorship. Your Membership contribution goes directly into our Canada by default, or into our US account if you click “I need a US tax receipt”.

Visualizing Impact is a legally registered entity. Visualizing Palestine is a project of Visualizing Impact.

Please write to us at Include “cancel my Membership” or “update my Membership details” in the subject line. For cancellations, we will respond within 72 business hours.

We opt not to rely on Paypal for ethical reasons, despite its convenience. Paypal offers its services in Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law, but denies its services to Palestinians living nearby (as well as in Gaza) (see 7amleh "Palestine and Paypal" report 2018). In several cases, Paypal has opted to freeze the accounts of human rights groups for unclear reasons, leading to a lack of trust in the platform. If Paypal were to change its policies to include Palestinians, we might consider using it in the future.

  • 01. Who is behind VP?
  • 02. What if I can’t become a Member right now?

We are a small team of passionate communicators living in seven different cities. You can read more about us here.

We understand! We hope you’ll engage with us in other ways. You can subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up with our news, download our visuals to share with your community, or make a one-time contribution.

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